Welcome to the website of ELP Switzerland

On this website, you will find general information about the European Language Portfolio (ELP)

  • What is the European Language Portfolio? What are its uses and how can you work with it?
  • How does the European Language Portfolio promote multilingualism?
  • Background: How is the European Language Portfolio linked to the Common European Framework of Reference? What role does the European Language Portfolio play in Europe and in Switzerland? How was it developed and by whom?

The European Language Portfolio accompanies language learners throughout their school education and beyond. On this website, you will also find information on and guides to working with the European Language Portfolios for different age groups:

  • Portfolino for learners aged 4-7
  • European Language Portfolio for learners aged 6-10 (ELP I and Portfolino)
  • European Language Portfolio for learners aged 11-15 (ELP II)
  • European Language Portfolio 16+ for young people and adults (ELP III)

A database with a wide range of materials is available to you:
If you own a 2010 version of ELP III with an Internet user licence, you have the possibility to use additional electronic resources, which include forms and worksheets that can be filled in electronically, an information brochure about ELP III, and a bank of descriptors with a search and filter function. In future, extra material will also be provided for various target groups (vocational and general education schools, teacher training). 

You will find information about the Language Portfolio for the higher education sector (ELP Higher Education) in the section “ELP“ on http://www.celelc.org. 

The Europass of the European Commission in Brussels contains a summary of the ELP Language Passport.