Language Portfolio hands-on

A film on the European Language Portfolio (ELP)

By focusing on specific classroom situations, this 30-minute film on the ELP aims to familiarise teachers with the ELP and demonstrates how the Portfolio can be used in language teaching. It depicts how learners at all educational levels work hands-on with the ELP, how the ELP gives them increasing insight into their language learning and how learners of different ages take responsibility for their own learning progress. The film shows teachers and learners working together in the classroom as well as some learners using the Portfolio independently.

The learning sequences are varied and show how the ELP’s thematic priorities multilingualism, intercultural experiences, learning strategies and self-assessment can be embedded in language teaching. In addition, various teachers talk about the signficance of the tool in their language teaching. Since the ELP supports learners both throughout their school education and in their working lives, the film also points out the importance of the ELP to the professional world.


Excerpt from the film Language Portfolio hands-on.