European Language Portfolio ELP II

Version for children and young people

ELP II supports learners at primary and lower secondary level in their language learning process. The aim of working with the ELP is to foster language awareness, to improve learners’ abilities to describe their language proficiency and to enhance their capacity to reflect on their learning and intercultural experiences. The ELP has been developed to foster learner autonomy in language learning, to stimulate an interest in plurilingualism and to motivate language learners. ELP II coherently builds on ELP I (version for learners at primary level, 2005) and develops the portfolio competences necessary for ELP III (version for young people and adults, 2001).

Teacher’s guide

Background information, ideas and additional material serve to guide and support teachers as they work with the European Language Portfolio in class. The teacher’s guide presents the main functions and objectives of its use in foreign language teaching and shows how working with the Portfolio is embedded in the objectives of the Council of Europe’s international Language Portfolio project. In order to help teachers plan their lessons, the guide gives practical examples of the ELP’s attractive options to assess and guide foreign language learning.