What will you find in the print version of the ELP III?

The print version (box) contains the following: 

  • your Internet user licence and the login for full access to the website www.sprachenportfolio.ch
  • a cover sheet and an insert sheet for your personal details
  • a table of contents giving an overview of the website’s features
  • an information brochure explaining briefly how the ELP can be used
  • your Language Passport in the form of a brochure
  • a file divider for the Language Passport
  • a file divider for the Language Biography
  • a file divider for the Dossier
  • an official box containing three registers helping you to compile the Language Passport, copies of diplomas, as well as a selection of documents collected in the ELP III folder in order to present them at a job application, for example.

A common folder for all Swiss Language Portfolios allowing you to add the documents of previous Language Portfolios can be purchased separately.