The Language Portfolio ELP III for young people from age 16 and adults is the first Swiss Language Portfolio that, as of the new edition published in 2010, is supported by the web portal

The Internet portal helps you fill in the Language Portfolio and allows you to use all the functions of the ELP III.

All documents are available for download and can be filled in electronically. With the support of the Internet, the Portfolio becomes much more flexible. At the same time, you can benefit from the advantages of the clear folder structure to find the documents you need.

Here you will learn about possible uses of the Language Portfolio III and you will receive instructions on how to use it as a student or as a teacher.

This website provides generally accessible information and instructions regarding the usage of the ELP III for all learners and teachers and, as of 2011, for various target groups, e.g. for general education schools (matura schools and specialised middle schools) and for vocational education schools.

For a first introduction to the Language Portfolio, you can download the brochure about the ELP III European Language Portfolio Switzerland: Instructions for users.

From here you can also access the Europass Language Passport.