An overview Overview of the ELP III and its Uses

Like all European Language Portfolios, the European Language Portfolio III for young people and adults consists of three sections:

In the Language Passport (Section 1) you give an overview of the present level of your language proficiency and of your activities related to language learning. This is also where you file relevant certificates and attestations.

In the Language Biography (Section 2) you reflect on your own language learning, provide detailed information on your language courses and, with the aid of the self-assessment checklists, set personal goals. You note important language learning and intercultural experiences and think about your multiilingual encounters and competences.

In the Dossier (Section 3) you collect various pieces of personal work to document your performance and accomplishments in different languages.

For such activities, the forms and worksheets of the ELP III are available to you in the database. You can download these documents and file the forms and worksheets in your folder or save them in your web space called «My ELP». If you are attending a general education school (matura school or specialised middle school) or a vocational education school (vocational school or vocational matura school), you can use additional materials that are adjusted to your specific needs. To use the database, you need an Internet user licence.

The ELP III is your personal document.