Index: An overview of the forms

The Language Passport and documents (Section 1)

Section 1 contains the Language Passport itself and additional documents. The Language Passport gives an overview of the present level of proficiency in different languages, of activities related to language learning as well as of certificates and attestations.


List of documents:


1.1 Self-assessment Grid
1.2 Global Scale: Calibration of Certificates and Qualifications to the Common European Framework Levels
1.3 Examination Description
1.4 Attestation of Participation in an Exchange Programme
1.5 Attestation of Participation in at Bilingual Instruction / Immersion Teaching
1.6 Attestation of a Language Learning Stay in a region where the language is spoken
1.7 Attestation of Playing Host to a Foreign-Language-Speaking Guest from a Partner School, Institution or Family
1.8 Attestation of Participation in a Sustained Correspondence with a Foreign-Language-Speaking Pen Friend

More information on filling in the Language Passport.

The Language Biography (Section 2)

Section 2, the Language Biography, documents the history of your own language learning and provides information on your language courses, personal objectives as well as on important language learning and intercultural experiences. It also contains self-assessment checklists.


List of documents:

2.1 Personal Language Learning Biography
2.2 Self-assessment Checklists on the levels A1.1, A1.2., A2.1., A2.2., B1.1., B.1.2., B2, C1, C2
2.3 Information about Important Linguistic and Intercultural Experiences
2.4 Information about Foreign Language Teaching in Schools and Language Courses
2.5 My Objectives

Dossier (Section 3)

In Section 3, the Dossier, you can collect various pieces of personal work to document your performance and accomplishments in different languages.

List of documents:

3.1 List of Pieces of Work in the Dossier