The Language Passport – Section 1 of the ELP

The Language Passport provides proof of your previous accomplishments in language learning and is recognised throughout Europe. In this section of the Language Portfolio, you give an overview of the current level of your language skills. Here you also file the diplomas that you have acquired for certain competency levels (A1 to C2). Additionally, the Language Passport provides information about the exposure that you have had and the experiences you have made with other languages and cultures. You provide this information yourself and update it regularly.

In this section you will find information and examples on:

  • how to fill in the Language Passport
  • how to assess your own language skills
  • how to have your language learning experiences attested
  • how to provide information about language examinations
  • how language examinations can be related to the competency levels of the Common European Framework of Reference

You can find the Language Passport online on your web space to fill in, save, and download, or in paper form in the Box as an A5 booklet.

You can use the Language Passport to inform people interested in your language skills, for example when changing schools, applying for a new job, starting a language course, or participating in an exchange programme. You can take the required documents from the folder, or print them out and put them together according to the occasion. You can supplement the documents with the information from the Language Biography and put them together in whatever way you like in your online Dossier or your Box.